Dear Customer,

We congratulate you on your choice to purchase an AKILOV product. This warranty certificate is attached. We hope that you enjoy this piece of art wherever you decide to place it, and that it gives you a lot of happiness, serenity and enjoyment. We warrant to the purchaser that the product is free of flaws in workmanship and materials, provided that the product is used properly and reasonably, and subject to the following conditions:

The warranty for the product is for a period of one year with respect of the body of the product and its coating (the "Warranty Period"), whether there is a defect in manufacturing or a defect due to the quality of the materials ("Covered Defect"), starting on the day the product is delivered to the customer.
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and/or a defect due to faulty manufacturing of the product only (hereinafter, "Defect").

When you receive the product, it is your responsibility to inspect that it is complete and without any Defects.

If a Defect is discovered in the product, then you can notify us of this by email at support@akilovdesign.com, and include the following details: the warranty certificate, and a photograph of the product that shows the Defect and an original invoice/receipt of the purchase.

Within 14 business days of your email, we shall in our discretion provide you with a new product in place of the product with the Defect, or arrange with you a time for our representative to come and repair the product.

Use of the product will only be for its intended purpose and not for any other purpose.

The warranty does not cover products that were used other than for their intended purposes.

No warranty will be given for a Defect that occurred due to the following reasons: (a) force majeure that occurred during the warranty period; (b) a defect that occurred due to the customer's negligence or malice, including use that is not according to the products instructions or contrary to applicable law; (c) a repair made to the product by a person who is not a representative of ours; (d) damage caused due to forces of nature, including damage from water, the sun, rain, wind, etc.; (e) if the product was damaged or broken during faulty transportation, loading, unloading and/or installation.

Subject to the provisions of applicable laws, we will not be liable for any damage that was caused to a customer or any third party due to a flaw in the product. Furthermore, our liability under this warranty will not apply to direct and/or incidental and/or consequential and/or other damage that was caused to the customer in connection with the product and the use of it.

The products are not intended for human consumption.

The products are intended for artistic use only, any other use is not under the manufacturer's liability.

Our liability for anything related to the products is solely as specified in this warranty certificate.